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Webinar: How to use video in email

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  • Why emails are still effective (after all these years!!) and why videos help drive better results

  • The best video content for lead nurturing, following each stage of the buyer’s journey

  • Quick tips for making a video

  • 5 hacks to make your emails perform better 

  • How to track your results

  • Q&A on video, email, HubSpot, and Vyond

What we covered:

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Scott Tousley 
Acquisition Marketing Manager

Scott Tousley leads the freemium acquisition team at HubSpot. They’re responsible for acquiring free users to the HubSpot ecosystem across varying acquisition channels and global regions. 

Dorissa Saint-Juste 
Growth Marketing Assistant

Dorissa Saint-Juste works on user acquisition and partnerships at HubSpot while completing her marketing degree. When she’s not busy working or studying, she enjoys learning about psychology, rocking out at pop punk shows, and binge watching her latest TV show obsession.

Amanda Morgan 
Senior Marketing Manager

Amanda Morgan is the sr. marketing manager and content strategist at Vyond with the responsibility for content marketing, social media, community, events, and video. She uses her marketing skills to create valuable digital and video content that enhances customer learning, fast-tracks the video creation process, and converts prospects into buyers. After spending nearly a decade working in marketing, video, and events, Amanda knows how to tap into the power of video to connect with people and move them to action.

Dustin Atwood
Customer Success Specialist

Dustin Atwood is a customer support specialist at Vyond. He provides assistance to customers and works closely with them to make sure they have all the resources they need to create stand-out videos. As an artist himself, Dustin enjoys helping people discover their creativity and build their video skills with Vyond.

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Webinar: How to use video in email

What you'll learnMeet the SpeakersRegister for the webinar

Even after all these years, email is still an effective marketing strategy. And using video in email has been proven to drive even better results — increased open rates, higher CTRs, and fewer unsubscribes. 

We teamed up with HubSpot to help you craft effective emails — with video. Watch now to learn our video and email performance hacks, how to segment your leads and track your results, and our tips for producing the best video content to nurture leads through the buyer's journey.