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Webinar: Using video to explain common business processes

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  • The basics of breaking complex processes into a simple script. 

  • Turning your script into bite-sized videos for learning.

  • How to direct attention and keep your audience engaged throughout the process.

  • The purpose and mechanics of using camera movement, characters, and shapes to highlight your key points.

What we covered:

Watch On-demand

Watch On-demand

Erin Champion
Sr. Customer Success Manager

Lye Cwan Ng, Erin Champion, and Julie Gillespie make up our customer relationship management team. They work with Vyond customers from large enterprises every day and have first-hand knowledge of what stands out and succeeds when it comes to branding. Some companies do it better than others, and you’ll benefit from their combined experience in media, video production, customer success, and Vyond.”

Lye Cwan Ng
Customer Success Associate

Julie Gillespie
Customer Success Associate

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The bigger the company, the more complicated even simple-sounding processes can become with layers of corporate complexity and approvals. In a highly matrixed organization, something as simple as booking a meeting room or making a purchase becomes difficult. Having video to explain these complicated processes can make things easier, especially when learners are able to access video tutorials right when they need them. 

Webinar: Using video to explain common business processes

What you'll learnMeet the SpeakersWatch On-demand

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Process Video Template

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