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Webinar: Take Your Videos from Good to Great Part II

Do you feel like the videos you create in Vyond Studio are missing that extra spark to help capture your audience’s attention? In this webinar, Taylor Morgan will present common problems that people encounter when creating videos and offer solutions for how to fix them. He’ll teach you his tips and tricks for how to take your videos from good to great. 

Sign up to learn how to make real, tangible improvements to your Vyond videos. Learn how to use multiple camera angles, design conversations between characters, deploy visual metaphors, and more. 

Vyond level: Beginner/Intermediate

Template video links for the "after" videos displayed in the webinar:
- Interview Setting: https://app.vyond.com/videos/copylink/cl-uOhIZbH6
- Conversation with Manager: https://app.vyond.com/videos/copylink/cl-4YbJAvv0
- Training Video Intro: https://app.vyond.com/videos/copylink/cl-OjKc46y-

About the webinar

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Meet the Speaker

Taylor has been passionately working in video for over 15 years. With a B.S. in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, he possesses wide-ranging knowledge of video production. He specializes in cinematography and editing, and he also loves working with lighting, color grading, audio recording/post, and motion graphics."

Taylor Morgan
Video Producer

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  • Make real, tangible improvements to your Vyond videos
  • Utilize multiple camera angles to give your videos energy 
  • Design a conversation between two characters 
  • Use visual metaphors to breathe life into dull subjects 

You'll learn how to:

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Webinar: Take Your Videos from Good to Great II