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Webinar: Spruce up your video content strategy

Watch now to learn how to create video content that engages your audience. We will discuss how to repurpose content into video, how to effectively market your video content, share tips for creating a consistent brand, and show you the correct technical specifications to seamlessly deliver your content on multiple social media platforms. 

This webinar is made for: marketers, PR pros, social media content strategists, content producers, and, video creators.

Vyond level: Beginner/Intermediate. The final portion of this webinar will apply specifically to Vyond Studio.

Watch On-demand

Watch On-demandWatch On-demand

Meet the Speaker

Marco is Vyond’s Production Artist and he comes from a background in print production and marketing. With a Bachelors in Graphic Communication, he knows how to blend storytelling and visual media to craft an effective message. Marco specializes in social media marketing, graphic design, and is also a passionate photographer.

Marco Sevilla
Production Artist

Watch On-demand

Marco will discuss tips and steps for: 

  • Creating a video strategy 
  • Optimizing your videos for engagement 
  • Designing video scenes 
  • Distributing video across social media 
  • Repurposing content for video 
  • Creating square and vertical social content in Vyond Studio

What you'll learn:

Watch On-demand
What you'll learnMeet the speaker

Webinar: Spruce up your video content strategy

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