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The Marvelous Magic of Masking in Vyond Studio

Masking makes it possible to show a character from only the waist up, add a scene into a computer frame, create a visual thought bubble, and more. In this webinar, Taylor will demonstrate different ways to use the mask and crop features inside Vyond Studio and show you how you can use them to raise the production value of your videos.  

Vyond Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Watch On-demand

Watch On-demand

Meet the Speaker

Taylor has been passionately working in video for over 15 years. With a B.S. in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, he possesses wide-ranging knowledge of video production. He specializes in cinematography and editing, and he also loves working with lighting, color grading, audio recording/post, and motion graphics."

Taylor Morgan
Video Producer

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  • The difference between mask and crop • 
  • How to use mask with a variety of different props 
  • How to use crop with characters to get them to preform new actions 
  • How to use mask and crop together to create complex frames easily 
  • Transition a split-screen scene into a full-screen scene

Vyond level: Intermediate. Beginners are welcome. Advanced customers may enjoy the opportunity to see new enhancements we added to masking back in March. 

What you'll learn:

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What you'll learnMeet the speaker

The Marvelous Magic of Masking in Vyond Studio