New Features

Follow this page to stay up to date with the features being added to Vyond Studio. Check out the new features, then create a video to give them a try.

Enhanced Password Security

To ensure Vyond Studio complies with critical business security requirements, we’ve introduced a new security feature. Vyond Professional team administrators now have the ability to enforce password policy compliance, including requiring regular password changes, disallowing the use of previously used passwords, and requiring complex passwords. 

Timeline Enhancements

We’ve made several changes to the timeline to make editing your videos faster and more intuitive. You can now preview audio directly from the timeline, making it faster to match actions and effects to your audio. And those actions and effects are no longer limited by the length of your scene, allowing you to make quick changes directly from the timeline. You can also now select multiple elements and move them all at once. 

Branded Videos with the In This Video Panel

Making branded videos is fast and easy with the In This Video panel and the new contemporary style. The In This Video panel automatically stores all props you’ve used within your video, including changes to prop color. The In This Video panel is also available for characters, audio assets, and imported assets. 

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International Languages

International language support has now been brought to parity with the legacy video maker. Support for almost 100 international languages makes it easy to create videos for a global audience.

When adding assets to a video, one of the most important considerations is knowing how that asset will look and act within the scene. The new preview panel allows you to do just that. You can now differentiate between static and animated character actions, character expressions, character actions, effects, props, and backgrounds by previewing the animation before adding an asset to your video.


Preview Assets Before They're Added

To make navigation throughout the platform easier, we’ve added a simple way back to the “your videos” page directly from both the new video maker and the character creator. To return to the “your videos” page, simply click the Vyond logo in the upper-lefthand corner.

A Way Back to Your Videos

Many teams have standard scenes they use often—intros, outros, company information, and more. With custom templates, you can save your custom scenes as templates in your library and share them throughout your team. Staying on-brand has never been simpler. 

Custom Templates