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Webinar: Storyboarding for video: A beginner's guide

In this webinar, Prakriti will go over basic principles and elements of storyboarding and show how you can create your own storyboards for Vyond videos. Vyond Level: Beginner/Intermediate

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Meet the Speaker

Prakriti, Vyond’s newest video producer, hails from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is passionate about storytelling through mediums of photography and video production. With over three years of experience in all aspects of production, she is mainly skilled in camera operation and video editing. Her goal with Vyond is to create animated videos that have unique ideas and strong aesthetics.

Prakriti Rai
Video Producer

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  •  Introduction to and uses of a storyboard 
  • Essential tips to remember before making a storyboard 
  • Layout and elements of a storyboard 
  • Beginner level storyboarding process

What You'll Learn

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Webinar: Storyboarding for video: A beginner's guide