Webinar: Creating a video from scratch

Join Shahrzade and Prakriti from the Vyond video team as they walk you through building a video. They'll show you how to make your videos more dynamic (with camera movement, sound effects, and more), more polished (by following a color palette), and original (by creating your own scenes). 

Vyond Level: Beginner/Intermediate

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Meet the Speakers

Shahrzade came to video with a background in the arts, education, and advertising, and she’s never turned back! Her strengths are shooting on location in natural light, and she has shot everywhere from the deserts of New Mexico, to the jungles of Peru, and the city streets and parks of Berlin. These days, she loves bringing marketing scripts to life by turning them into dynamic video in the Vyond studio. 

Shahrzade Ehya
Manager, Video & Design

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Prakriti Rai
Junior Video Producer 

  • Create scene templates and save them for future use • 
  • Incorporate camera movement to give your video focus and energy
  • Add sound effects to bring your videos to life
  • Use a color palette to brand and unify your video
  • Transition a split-screen scene into a full-screen scene
  • Create a character rear view

Together, we'll recreate key moments of the video 12 tips to make eLearning engaging, which Prakriti originally created as a promotion for a Vyond blog post. Once we're done, you'll be able to adapt the video into your own promotion for a training course or marketing campaign. 

What you'll learn:

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Prakriti, Vyond’s newest video producer, hails from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is passionate about storytelling through mediums of photography and video production. With over three years of experience in all aspects of production, she is mainly skilled in camera operation and video editing. Her goal with Vyond is to create animated videos that have unique ideas and strong aesthetics.

Webinar: Creating a video from scratch

Download the starter template

Download the template

Before the webinar begins, please load this starter template into your account so you can build a video with us during the webinar. 

The starter template contains a sample scene, color palette, and audio file. By the end of the webinar, you'll create a template promotional video, which you can modify to promote your next training course, blog post, or internal company message. 

As a customer, the starter template link above will load automatically into your Vyond account (once signed in). If you're not a Vyond customer, click the link above to start a free trial. You'll still be able to follow along with a free trial account.

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